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What is Peace Boat?

Peace Boat is an international NGO based in Japan that promotes peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development, reapect for the environment, and eco-friendly tourism.

More than 95 cruises over 35 years have raised awareness of global issues, fostered positive social change and transformed our passengers’ perspectives of the world. We’ve hosted over 60,000 passengers and traveled to more than 100 ports in over 80 countries.

Sailing with Peace Boat?

  • Visit many amazing destinations
  • Travel to World Heritage Sites
  • Experience the local culture
  • Immerse yourself in cross-cultural exchange
  • Turn back time
  • Make your own story

Life on Board

Participate in special lectures by guest journalists, specialist, thought leaders, and entertainers from different destinations. Join a class or hands-on workshop, Share your passion with the community by creating your own class or event, or learn from others.

On Board Programs

  • Guest Educators
  • Guest Performers
  • Japanese Language Lesson
  • Festival/Party
  • Culture School
  • Self Planned Events


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