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Is the Covid-19 screening test became a necessity before you travel?
It is more Affordable now! Available Nationwide & Houses visit too, check with us for special rates.


How much per person for screening test ?

Booking thru us, will enjoy special rate of RM 200 nett.

Where will conduct the Screening Test ?

at BP Healthcare Center (total 54 branches Nationwide, include Sabah, Sarawak & Labuan)

What type of COVID-19 screening is this?

This is the gold standard RT-PCR Covid-19 testing which requires swabs to be done by healthcare providers

What is the difference between Rapid Test and RT-PCR test ? How is the PCR Test better ?

The RT-PCR test has a higher sensitivity to detect Covid-19 compared to Rapid Test. RT-PCR test has an accuracy rate of 99%, whereas many Rapid tests has an accuracy of less than 80%. Some has accuracies as low as 60%.

How long does it take to get the result ?

The test results shall be ready within 24 hours upon sample collection.

What to do if you are DETECTED with Covid 19?

01 - Stay calm and do not panic. BP will notify Ministry of Health (MOH) immediately and MOH will contact you soon.

02 - Stay at home and make sure you are contactable at all time. MOH will do the contact tracing.

03 - Isolate yourself in a room with a separate bathroom if possible.

04 - Wear face mask at home to reduce the spread of droplets.

05 - Avoid face-to-face contact with family members. All of the other family members are advised to wear face mask as well.

06 - Do not share the same utensils with other family members.

07 - Dirty laundry should be handled separately with warmest temperature if possible.

08 - Practise good hand hygiene and cover your nose and mouth when u cough/sneeze.

09 - Self-monitoring of symptoms and beware of the signs such as shortest of breath, poor oral intake, chest tightness, frequent diarrhoea and cough with bloods.

10 - Call emergency hotline 999 if you develop severe symptoms.

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