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Protect your car with this comprehensive plan that covers your car against damage and theft. The first and only insurance company provide MICROTAG technology

Key benefits: -
✅ Risk-based pricing
✅ More add-on options and benefits
✅ Fast claims approval
✅ 24/7 emergency road assistance
✅ Repair warranty

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does SmartDrive Enhanced Private Car provide private comprehensive cover only?
SmartDrive Enhanced Private Car also provides Private Third Party Fire & Theft cover. Please ask us for further information.

2. Can I extend SmartDrive Enhanced Private Car to cover windscreen, radio/CD/multimedia system, strike/riot and others?
Yes, you can cover all the extensions provided under Motor insurance.

3. Are there any vehicles that require special consideration for acceptance?
Different terms may apply to certain sports models.

4. Can I still enjoy no loading/no excess if I have made a claim before?
Different terms may have to be applied if you have made a claim during the past 3 years.

5. What is the age limit under the Driver & Passengers Protection Insurance?
The minimum age limit is 17 and maximum is 75 years old.

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